rasta taco!!!

Rasta Taco, Southern California’s original TACO CART CATERING COMPANY. We specialize in mobile taco cart catering services for your private party, corporate party, birthday event, or just a backyard gathering for friends and family. With original recipes, delivered in our unique MOBILE TACO CART CATERING presentation, we pride ourselves in our menu selection, community events, and athletic endorsements.

Rasta Taco Cart Catering began in April of 2007… and never looked back. We have had some changes in Opeartions, which have allowed us to better serve the public. Our mobile Taco Carts are in high demand, so we always suggest booking in advance. Our head Chef has multiple years in the Culinary Arts. Our licensed and insured company allows us to serve the public with full confidence of a successful outcome.

Mean while, Paulo Prietto, Team Captain, is a world-renowned top waterman athlete. Ranked number one in the sport and art of skimboarding, Paulo Prietto heads the Rasta Taco Athletic Team. Rasta Taco Mobile Taco Cart Services believes in community outreach and involvement. And, we are always open to serving the public whenever possible.

Our mobile Taco Carts have been individually designed to meet the unique requirements of our business. We cater events from 20 to 2000 people.

Mobile Taco Cart Catering offers a unique twist on an ordinary event. Why BBQ, when you can call us, and one of our skilled Sales Professionals can assist you in the organization and planning for your party. Taco Cart Catering is a simple idea, with extraordinary outcomes. Taco Cart Catering can be blended in the most sophisticated gatherings, down to the more relaxed pool parties.

Above and beyond our Taco Cart Catering, we have teamed up with some of Orange County’s premier talents, including; Ditzie Cupcakes.com, BarBelles.org,. Top entertainment talent list includes: World Anthem, DJ Tom-I, and record spinner, Dominic Prietto.

Our Taco Cart Catering geographic reach extends from North Los Angeles, to San Diego. Rasta Taco Cart Catering has coordinated Taco Cart Catering events up and down the coast, with request from as far as Las Vegas.

So, next time, when you decide to have a gathering at your home, office or school, whether it is an intimate gathering, or a very casual atmosphere, try Rasta Taco Mobile Taco Cart Services for your pleasure and gastronomic pleasure. Our menu is extensive and through.

Rasta Taco Mobile Taco Cart’s are stainless steel, and can accommodate most areas.


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