Rasta Taco in YOUR Backyard!

A must for ANY summer party!

Memorial day is just a few weeks away.  What’s going on in  YOUR backyard?

Tis the season for backyard fun.  Barbecues, garden parties, bridal showers, you know the drill.  Your Saturday afternoon and evenings are booked up with barbecue after barbecue.  There is only so much potato salad and cheeseburgers one can have over the summer, right?

What else goes better with a margarita or Corona than delicious, authentic Mexican food?  Rasta Taco is currently taking orders for private catering events all over Southern California.  At Rasta Taco, we specialize in on-site, authentic taco cart catering.  Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a blow-out backyard bash, our gourmet-style catering can fit just about any taste and budget!  We use the freshest, finest ingredients in Southern California.  One love in every bite…

Before you book us for your party, become our fan on Facebook.  We’re going to kick the summer off right and give one of our Facebook fans $100 off their next catering order.


3 thoughts on “Rasta Taco in YOUR Backyard!

  1. I love tacos during a backyard party. With a cocktail and the sun shining, you can find me with a plate consisting of tortilla, beef or steak strips, cheese, onions, salsa or pico, lettuce and hot sauce.

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