Rasta Taco’s Props & Parties

Rasta Taco - Riviera MagazineNo, Riviera Magazine, thank YOU for having us!

It really humbles us to receive praise and thank yous from our loyal customers.  Without you, Rasta Taco couldn’t exsit.

Part of our efforts to become more connected to our friends and customers is by social media.  We encourage all of you to upload photos from your Rasta Taco party or event that you attended.

This weekend we have several private parties in San Diego, Newport Beach, Fullerton, Malibu – just to name a few!

We also have a HUGE event and party with RVCA Clothing.  RVCA is one of the premiere design-driven apparel companies in the country.  Their brand is fresh and unique – a perfect match for Rasta Taco.

So we want to hear from MORE of you!  What brands do you love?  How does Rasta Taco fit in with the lifestyle you live?  It’s more than just a great culinary experience – Rasta Taco is a lifestyle that we try to to convey in every single bite.  See y’all this weekend in SoCal!


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