Food Truck Phenomenon – Rasta on Wheels

Taco Cart CateringTransportation certainly has come a long way over the years.  Who would have thought that hybrid cars, once only imaginable in books and movies, would be part of our every day traveling experiences?  Maybe Marty McFly and Doc Brown were on to something with that whole time traveling Delorian concept.

But way before food was on wheels, it was in our homes and in restaurants.  The thought of buying a meal out of a car or a van just seemed a little off.  In places like LA or New York, you don’t have to go very far to find great restaurants, but what about just a quick bite or snack?

Enter, The Food Truck.  You can get just about anything out of a food truck:  hot dogs, peanuts, ice cream, burgers, cupcakes…TACOS!  One of  Rasta Taco‘s staffers recently returned from a trip to Athens, Greece where corn on the cob (yes, corn on the cob!) vendors were all over the popular shopping spot of Glyfada and the outdoor markets at Monastiraki.  The Food Truck craze has been taken to even bigger levels, with companies using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook as the only way to let their customers know where they can be found.

Starting next month, The Food Network will be rolling out their latest in delicious reality show fare.  The Great Food Truck Race will premiere on August 15th and out of the seven competitors, SIX are from right here in sunny California!  We can’t wait to watch!

But what about, Rasta, you ask?  While you may not be able to find us on Sunset serving up our gourmet tacos through the window, you will find us rollin’ down the Santa Monica Freeway to hang out in your backyard and cater your party.  If you haven’t booked us for your next party, what are you waiting for?  Did you know that by uploading your party pics to our Facebook, you’ll get discounts that no other taco catering company in the area can offer?

Our Rasta Van is filled up with gas and ready to go!


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