We Hope They Serve Tacos in…

Lindsay Lohan can't eat Tacos in JailJail.  Poor Lindsay Lohan!  Stuck behind those metal bars with nothing to do but think about the happier times when she was a Mean Girl, and was just tryin’ to make it in Hollywood.  We hear tonight that her once-love, now (air quotes)friend, Samantha Ronson visited her today, sans file in cake.  Truthfully, a file would be MUCH easier to smuggle in a taco.  Better luck next time, Sammy.  Lindsay will hopefully be out in time for the much-anticipated Season 2 premiere of the…

Mike The Situation eats TacosJersey Shore.  They actually DO have tacos in New Jersey, but it’s Jersey (no offense).  Unfortunately, Rasta Taco would take a few days to get out there, but we could try to make it happen.  While we wait anxiously for the newest season to premiere next week, we can’t help but think what kind of “situation” it would be if those big, Italian, Sunday dinners were replaced with Carne Asada, Carnitas and fresh Pico de Gallo.  If Snooki the last of the refried beans, would JWOWW knock her out?  No doubt, The Situation would want his Tacos all healthy with whole wheat tortillas and lots of veggies.  And while we’re back east, do you think they have tacos in…

California Taco Catering Rasta Style in DCWashington, DC?  Always so much going on in our nation’s capital – especially now with some of the country’s most talented up-and-coming chefs.   Hey, Top Chef DC!  We love Tom, we love Padma…but where’s the TACO love?  Give us a call and we’ll show you how to really win a quickfire challenge.

We think it’s about time a top taco catering company from a little ‘ol town out in California roll up and show you how to grill, dice and slice, Rasta style.


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