Rasta Taco Menu Mondays: Rasta Salsa

Rasta Taco, Rasta Salsa, taco cart catering, taco cateringHave you tried our salsa? It’s amazing!

Now available in our online store in a bundle of three so you can taste and love all the flavors: green, yellow and red.

The signature hot sauces, blended to perfection by Rasta Spice Trade Co. and Chef Isaac Buchanan – of San Francisco famed Le Cordon Bleu – combine everything you love in a salsa. From habanero, jalapeno and island spices to fresh pineapple, Mandarin oranges and New Mexico chiles, Rasta Salsa has a flavor for everyone.

Rasta Salsas are gluten, soy and dairy free and come in airline travel-approved bottles, ready for the person who’s allergic to everything and the jet-setting taco lover.

To book your next event (and request extra salsa), call 866.96.RASTA.


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