Rasta Taco Announces Global Alliance With Adventure Sports Tours in El Salvador

Rasta Taco gourmet tacos

Rasta Taco Inc. (USA) is pleased to announce its global alliance with AST Adventures, La Libertad, El Salvador, (Adventure Sports Tours, www.astelsalvador.com) and AST Hotel and La Terraza Restaurant & Bar.

Rasta Taco and Adventure Sports Tours will offer both AST’s continued guided surf, adventure, and leisure activities to both global and local clients and the cuisine of Rasta Taco at the AST Hotel and La Terraza Restaurant and Bar.

Rasta Taco will establish a restaurant and roof top bar at the AST Hotel and La Terraza Restaurant and Bar on the coast of Playa La Paz in La Libertad.

Rasta Taco spokesperson, and Sales and Marketing Director, Mario “Maji” Melendez states, “AST is a world class choice for those looking to get away and explore Central America.  The surf tours, activities such as yoga, and day hikes are a natural fit for AST and Rasta Taco.  We are excited that AST agreed to develop a Rasta Taco restaurant and bar.  With the existing hotel and bar, there was a void, and we jumped on it.”

Justin Prietto, Principal at Rasta Taco developed an interest in AST through his many surf trips to La Libertad.  When Prietto was at his last surf trip, he befriended AST’s Local Representative, Jorge Menjivar.

Menjivar states, “Rasta Taco is a perfect fit for us. The companies well managed client roster, trademark and vibe, will give AST the ability to reach out to so many US locals who have never been to El Salvador.  It’s a “win-win” for all us.  They can surf, dine and spend the week.”

Rasta Taco will open in La Libertad and soon thereafter, in Las Flores, both world class meccas for surf enthusiasts.

Many world renowned companies such as Quiksilver, and ISA World Masters hold contests in this area.

For more information, please contact socialmedia@rastataco.com


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