Friday Five: Links We Love



We’re bringing you our top 5 links this week. It includes a cool client, skateboarding and some other hidden gems! Feel free to share what you were able to dig up on the web this week, we’d love to check it out!

  1. We cater for this amazing woman, enough said! Read more about Isabel Rojas-Williams, on the KCET website.
  2. George Best Foundation. Learn about the man who inspired this foundation on their website, HERE.
  3. Three filmmakers have a hope to create a film that will provide a vehicle to educate, enlighten and inspire change – in the spirit of Professor Chomsky and his work. Learn more on their Kickstarter page. 
  4. Afghanistan holds the title for the highest rate of female participation in skateboarding out of any country in the world. Who knew? Check out the photos & learn more, HERE.
  5. We love Google’s video for 2013. Be sure to watch it and reflect on all that has happened this year! You can find it on their website, HERE.

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