Friday Five: Links We Love

find out which nba team to root for on buzzfeed

1. We all had fun with this in the office the other day. Which NBA team should you be rooting for? Jessica got Houston Rockets, Shannon got OKC, Marcus got Portland Trailblazers, Jon got Miami Heat and Richard got Washington Wizards. SAY WHAT? Find your team HERE.

books to read before they are a movie in 2014

2. Buzzfeed has been onto something all week! We had no idea half of these movies were books first. Check it out on Buzzfeed!

 The Jim Morrison Ghost Hangouts of LA
3. Messy Nessy Chic always digs up the best hidden gems. Check out these photos she found of The Doors in 1969, HERE.

timelapse video of time square on nye
4. There’s nothing like Time Square especially on NYE. Check out this timelapse video on VIMEO.


5. The Secret Life of Dogs by NatGeo. We love the images!


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