Wedding Taco Catering: Los Angeles

Looking for a unique catering experience for your wedding? Rasta Taco is just that! A high-end taco catering experience for your special day! It’s quick, fresh and delicious.

We can serve a small backyard wedding to a large wedding at a venue! Our custom taco cart, fits easily and is guaranteed to add a fun look to your special day.

Friday Five: Links We Love

alex-maclean-pilot-photographer1. Alex Maclean is a licensed pilot/photographer. Such an awesome combination! Check out his work, Alex Maclean.

surfboard-decor2. We were so fascinated by Alex Maclean’s work that we decided to look into aerial photography and we ran into Gray Malin’s work. Gray Malin x Almond Surfboards.

lead_way3. Walking 3,000 miles through China + a selfie a day = an awesome video! Watch it on Complex.

daredevil-video4. The title says it all, Madness Has No Limits.

1142-934x5. WARNING: They’re pretty emotional but a good look at the 60 most powerful photos.

Meet the Crew!


  • Name: Her Majesty Queen Barbara Prietto
  • Job Title: Queen of Everything
  • Favorite Rasta Menu Item: Bulgogi Short Rib Tacos – yummm
  • Favorite Song at the Moment: It’s a tie between Happy by Pharrell Williams and All I Want for Christmas is my Braces Off by Anonymous Girl in Pasadena.
  • Would you ever do a reality show? If so, which one? Not really, maybe if there is lots of written in hair pulling, crying and backstabbing!!
  • Describe yourself in three words: Professional Sleeper Inner!

21st Annual Wild & Crazy Taco Night



Finally, the Share Our Selves Wild & Crazy Taco Night is here! If you’re attending be sure to stop by our booth. We have cooked up some gourmet tacos for this year’s event. If you still haven’t purchased your tickets, get all the details on Share Our Selves website.

Did we mention, event proceeds benefit the SOS Food Pantry feeding more than 275 Orange County families each day! See you on Thursday, April 10th!

Friday Five: Links We Love

1. Incredible! Could you imaging being on a speed boat and find that Orca’s are following? Watch the video, HERE.


2. We’re all for clever marketing. Watch what Pepsi Max thought of and how their audience reacts!


3. Shakin’ up the world of surfing! Kelly Slater announced his split from Quicksilver. What’s next? Read HERE.

4. Prank it Forward, a new spin on April Fools Day! An internet-famous do-gooder and a chef flipped the script a bit in their lovely punking at Glendale homeless shelter. The people who came to the shelter were treated to a multi-course dinner.. Watch the video!

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.40.59 PM

5. Drivers Ed – Kid addition! Watch as adults act out what kid’s think about drivers ed. Kid Snippets.


Late Night Wedding Snack


Late night wedding snack is all the rage this wedding season! Rasta Taco can provide a unique wedding catering experience for your special day. After dinner has been enjoyed by all of your guests, dancing and drinking is well underway, a late night snack is a great way to  send your guests off! They are sure to be happy and full.

Late Night Snack Options

  • Taco Combos
  • Mini Bean & Cheese Burritos
  • Taquitos
  • Quesadillas
  • Ceviche Stacks
  • Churros
  • & so much more!

Menu Monday: Tofu Taco

For all of our vegetarian fans, we’d like to share our Tofu Taco with you! It’s an Asian-fusion inspired taco! It packs in a lot of flavor and of course, it’s vegetarian friendly. Add this taco to any of our packages at no additional cost.

We also offer potato & grilled veggie taco options.